The C3 Model

A Tailored Approach

When it comes to clinical research, we understand that the needs of pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and diagnostic companies are incredibly diverse. C3 Research is committed to implementing an approach to fit our clients’ clinical development objectives that can accommodate these diverse needs in a comprehensive, responsive and flexible manner.

We are unconstrained by the limitations commonly experienced by other service organizations in terms of geographic reach, regionally-based personnel, or fully developed teams that can be deployed to manage specific services related to the clinical program. In this way, C3 Research will tailor the project team to suit the program’s exact needs by addressing the following individualized elements:

From the very first contact, we begin an exploration of how C3 Research can design a set of solutions that is scaled to be right-sized, appropriately resourced to ensure a dedicated team to your program and initiate a conversation that will serve as the foundation for the procurement of the highest levels of quality data and reporting.


Centralized Services

In addition to our internal personnel, C3 Research maintains a large network of affiliates and best-in-class service providers that are vetted and qualified. We endeavor to complement the hand selected C3 Research team with like providers for regionalized services, extending the reach of your program on a global scale and creating a centralized and seamless solution.


Prioritized Resources

The C3 Research project team is tailored to your program’s unique needs with a special focus devoted to maintaining a project balance between the milestones of the project and the resources devoted to those milestone driven objectives. We are adept at allocating just the right level of resources. As a result of our commitment to creating a balance of resources at every stage of development, your expertly assembled team will always place your project as their top priority. Our promise and commitment to your project, no matter its size, will receive our top qualified personnel that will deliver superior clinical services.


Quality Data

Our unique approach to clinical development serves to de-risk your program through the following differentiators:

  • Involvement from Executive Management—Our projects include direct oversight from the founding members, as part of each Project Team
  • Low Attrition Rate—Our study team turnover rate is consistently below industry standards since the inception of the company
  • Clinical Continuity—Founded on the belief that C3 Research can best serve our clients’ objectives when the investigational asset remains under a single program for the duration of the clinical development process, efficiencies are enabled when we reassign a team that is already educated on its complexities, from the very beginning stages of C3 Research’s involvement. The result is clear, an expert-level knowledge of the product is developed over time and our clients are able to more effectively and safely maximize the results of every study