Welcome to C3 Research Associates – CRO

We are a contract research organization providing adaptive, full service management for biomedical and pharmaceutical clinical trials.

C3 Research Associates is a premier research development and management group based in the Puget Sound area. A flexible, full service clinical research organization, C3 Research Associates supports all aspects of clinical trials, including biostatistics and data analysis, clinical operations, medical monitoring, and regulatory oversight.

Therapeutic Expertise:

  • Oncology
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Cardiology
  • Neurology
  • Pulmonary Disease

Founded and led by an exceptional team of clinical research experts, each of whom brings decades of experience to the clinical trial process, C3 Research Associates specializes in supporting small and mid-sized biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies through the entire clinical trial process, from clinical research development and management through biostatistics, all in preparation for eventual therapeutic acquisition and production by pharmaceutical manufacturers.

C3 Research Associates was founded specifically to serve small to mid-size biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies seeking a highly skilled clinical research development and management team.  We offer a unique, personalized environment where every client’s trial receives priority service for its choice of qualified personnel, timely, facilitated regulation and data management, culminating in superior statistical analysis.

Our small size and prodigious range of expertise place C3 Research Associates in an unparalleled position to significantly partner with our client companies. Our uncompromising commitment to client satisfaction manifests in our thorough, responsive and nimble administration of each client’s clinical trial, adapting the services provided as the needs of the client and project evolve. Through this personalized attention given to each of our clients, C3 Research Associates actively encourages innovation while helping clients achieve their biomedical and pharmaceutical research goals.

Located on the West Coast and headquartered in Seattle, C3 Research Associates provides services throughout North America and Mexico. For more information, please see our CRO Services page.